Hello and welcome to my website.  I’m a UKCP registered, well-qualified, experienced, and friendly psychotherapist, counsellor and EMDR therapist.  I work with individual adults of all ages although I do not offer couples therapy. 

Please note that I am offering video or telephone sessions exclusively currently.

Deborah Warman-FreedSince you’re reading this page then I imagine you’d like some aspects of your life to be different and you’re wondering if I – or therapy – can help you.  Your concerns may be about difficult feelings that feel overwhelming.  You may be experiencing anxiety, depression or anger, or you may be finding it a challenge to like yourself. Perhaps you’re struggling with relationships and would like to work on ways to improve how you relate to people.  Or you may be coming to terms with a trauma or a loss in your life and are looking to process your experience and see a way forward.  Or perhaps you simply feel that something in your life is not quite right, even though that something isn’t clear yet.  We come to therapy for a myriad of reasons.

Life can be tough so If you’re currently finding it difficult then you’re not alone.  Sometimes we need extra support.  It can be hard to understand how simply talking can be useful If you’ve never experienced counselling or psychotherapy.  But talking to someone who’s trained to listen and respond in a certain way can be profoundly helpful if you’re feeling depressed or are struggling to like yourself.  If your emotions are confusing or overwhelming then talking about them can bring clarity.  Sharing your anxiety is the first step to making it more manageable, and if you’ve suffered a deep loss then having someone to walk with you through your grief can help the healing process enormously.

If you’d like to know more about psychotherapy or the way I work then click on  ‘What’s it all about?’ , ‘EMDR’  and My approach’ , but fundamentally I can help you in the following way.  I invite you to sit down in a relaxed and informal way and we have a conversation.  I help you to tell me what’s concerning you and I listen very carefully without making judgements or offering any easy answers.  Rather I help you to make better sense of your experiences together with your thoughts and emotions, and explore options.  I help you to uncover meanings and recognise patterns, providing you with greater self-awareness.  And I help you to think more kindly of yourself and gain a clearer understanding of your relationships with others.   In essence, when you allow yourself the time and space to be heard, and when someone truly listens, then talking can help you feel valued, alive and connected.

Therapy can’t erase a difficult past but it can equip you to move on more easily, it can increase your resilience, and it can enable you to make positive and lasting changes going forward.

Please do explore my website where you will find out more about me, the way I work and some of the practicalities involved in starting therapy.